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Pediatric Cancer Page

                "Saving one child will not change the world. But surely for that one child, the world will change forever..."



This page is dedicated to both Calle Cronk and Avalanna Routh, who have inspired us personally, and also have moved mountains in the fight against pediatric cancers. They have brought so much joy and hope into the lives of millions, and have given us all a new, deep appreciation and gratitude for our own lives as they are. Right here. Right now. 

We hope to help to bring awareness, hope and support to the millions of children and families who are devastated by this horrible disease.  It's imperative that we find a cure NOW, and that we stretch ourselves to help. Even if it's in a small way. Please visit the following websites to educate yourself and donate. 

Please Contact Us to submit your foundation link or to submit your favorite, inspiring photos!

Also let us know if there is a special child in your life who is in need of a little sparkle! If we can, we would love to help! We are commited to bringing fun and joy into the lives of the familys and children who are suffering. 

VENDORS and CRAFTERS! - Please contact us to find out how you can help! We always are open to recieving donated items for our events and gifts to children who are in treatment. Help us to bring a little sparkle into a child's life!

Hope for Caroline {DIPG brain tumors}

One Mission {Childhood Cancer Foundation}

Friends For Matty {Neuroblastoma}

Dana Farber {Cancer Institute}

Cure AT/RT Now {AT/RT brain tumors}

Noahs Light Foundation {medulloblastoma brain tumors}

Christopher's Haven {resource for kids and families being treated in Boston}



                                                   "Once you choose hope, anything is possible!"

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