Floridian 9th Birthday Sleepover!

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So this party was EXTRA special to me :) It was for my daughter, Aizza, who is turning 9, and she wanted to recreate a very very special trip we took recently to Naples Florida to visit her grandparents!  She’s so cute :) She wanted Alligators, manatees, lots of color, chocolate fountain, pillows for everyone, and cupcakes by our favorite fondant sculptor in NY! Tall order but YEP! Sure…I can do that! ;-)

I know I should be sleeping right now (we were up until the wee hours!) but I had to post. These girls were rock stars (ok, Floridians!) and we had SO. MUCH. FUN!  We started out under the palm trees creating our own Tshirts, bracelets, and playing a fun guessing game called “tip.” We then moved on to the chocolate fountain (the girls seemed to love dipping the potato chips in the fountain- yeah, that’s what I said.) They also LOVED to “go fishing” with the sweedish fish, dipping it in the chocolate. I know, barfy right? Well they loved it! Then cupcakes, and other crazy treats atop a mountain of brown sugar – Aizza and I created a sandscape with the sugar  the day before and dumped it on top of blue trash bags that we cut along the edges to look like water, then it dried over night for a no-mess “beach.” We used a thimble for a sand castle bucket, she made tiny sugar sand castles, and she even sat a few doll house dolls at our “beach” under paper umbrellas!

Then on to a movie (Rio, of course!?), popcorn, and upon waking a special cereal bar/buffet (I think we woke up? Maybe we never slept?).  Confession – I was all ready to put Fiber One in the third glass cereal buffet dish but then reneged. I didn’t want to throw anyone into shock… lol. AND it looks like rabbit food, so couldn’t do it. I DID offer chocolate milk to put in their cereal, but they ALL chose plain milk…. What?  Huh???!!!! They must have been delirious.

They had tons of fun drinking from pineapple cups and coconut cups with straws and umbrellas, and mixed crazy fruity drinks!

I only wish we could have had the 80 degree weather to go! ;)


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